Silvercoated calcium aluminium borosilicate

SHINESTAR is coated with real silver, based on calcium aluminium borosilicate. Real silver gives SHINESTAR a much more sparkling effect, which interference pearls cannot achieve. SHINESTAR shines like a jewel in the applications.

SHINESTAR is classified by average particle size (from 30 to 300 µm), average particle thickness (2 and 5 µm) and precious metal content rate.

The differences of particle size and thickness of calcium aluminum borosilicate show very unusual and special feature. The small size of SHINESTAR provides an even sparkling effect with better coverage. The big size of SHINESTAR achieves stronger brilliance effect.


  • Plastics
  • Paint & coatings
  • Silkscreen printing
  • Nail polish


High reflection

Generally, the purpose of pearl pigment is to add decorative effects to application by light reflection. SHINESTAR corresponds with this purpose very much because it reflects light totally without any loss due to metal layer on its surface. The strong reflection of visible light makes SHINESTAR more effective and decorative than any other pigment in the applications. SHINESTAR shows the same sparkling effect at any angle of incident.


SHINESTAR can be dispersed very uniformly in the various formulations. It has also excellent heat resistance and chemical stability. In addition, SHINESTAR is an inert pigment in the formulations comparing with competitive materials. The characteristics of SHINESTAR enable formulators or end-users to use it easily and to make their final product with stable quality.


In the formulation, SHINESTAR also has excellent color stability. When SHINESTAR was dispersed in the resin of nail polish, the color of SHINESTAR has been changed less than competitive products.

Standard Grades:

Product Average
Particle Size (D50)
SHINESTAR S40 40 µm 2 µm
SHINESTAR S60 60 µm 2 µm
SHINESTAR S80 80 µm 2 µm
SHINESTAR S100 100 µm 2 µm
SHINESTAR S300 300 µm 2 µm
SHINESTAR R100 100 µm 2 µm
SHINESTAR T30 30 µm 5 µm
SHINESTAR T90 90 µm 5 µm